Technical search engine optimization

The serach engines read your web site's source code, and has a technical approach. Is it anything that ought to be changes to better the results?

The search engines read the source code of your website and care little about how your website looks in the browser. Your website may look very pretty and neat for you, but if the search engines find that the code is cluttered, inconsistent, and things are presented incorrectly, you get worse ranking in Google than you could have.

Therefore, it's important to have a clean source code and know how to present the content of the website to the different search engines.

We have seen massive improvements in search results after we have changed the source code for different websites and have therefore accumulated unique expertise in this field.

Many believe that valid code according to W3org is enough, but it is not. In fact, we see that many non-validated websites get a significantly better ranking in Google.

Download time, type and amount of files etc can mean a big difference in ranking.

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