Aktive Search Engine Optimization

It will bring you customers, all the time. Top rankings are hard to get, but we do it for you. 

Your guarantee for top results in Google

Aktive search engine optimization puts you at the very top

With the "Active Search Engine Optimization" service, we are continuously working to maintain and improve your rankings in Google. This guarantees good results.

In addition to ranking your website or online store, we can over time also make sure that other virtual assets rank better in Google. For example, your Facebook page, a video or other pages you have etc.

You also get access to advice and help in understanding online marketing.

Why not just a one time job?

The Internet is constantly evolving. Both what leads to good rankings, but also how people use the web. The startup of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) also revolutionized Google ranking. The same did mobile-friendly websites.

SEO requires accountable customization and performance of the service. That's why we've been doing continuous search optimization since the start. It makes our customers enjoy!

We have experienced getting customers who have used "sell and run" SEO companies. They've found that when they reach the top 10, the agency's invoice will be sent, and then they notice that they gradually lose rankings in Google where they previously had top 10 placements. The red curve in the sketch shows such a typical development.

We often see this in a typical "sell and run" concept where you promise top 10 placements against a one-time payment, which will not be paid until the top 10 is present.

Do you want to beat your competitors?
- and run away with "their" customers?

SEO should be done continuously. It's a marketing cost just like paid advertising, but more targeted and happily with greater impact. It's because you meet people where they search for your products or services: in Google.

People go to Google when they want the solution to a problem or when they know exactly what they want. You do it yourself!

Therefore, make sure you are in the top 10 of the search phrases your customers use.

Active search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, but it would like to produce relatively quick results if performed correctly. It will also result in following the green graph in the sketch. (With some drops that may occur, but will be corrected.).

Do you want top 10 placements with warranty and are still taking better placements through active search engine optimization? Then you should contact us for an inconvenient call:


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