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Preben Sangvik has been developing marketing software, web site software, search engine optimization and strategies since 2003. Both in Norway, Europe and globally. He has a solid track record and has been head hunted to big companies. Both to lead strategy work shops and do online marketing.

Passion. Results driven. Proven track record.

Google has really changes the way we do marketing. No matter what kind of business you do, you can do it better by utilizing online marketing. The core of online marketing is to present the right message, to the right people at the right time. In essence that is putting your message in front of people searching for your products. 

More and more businesses starts to use SEO-services because of this. And Responspartner has a long solid track record of success.

Are you ready to take the leap? Might feel like a big leap for you, but it is not for us. We will help you and guide you to success: the top rankings in Google. We have the experience, and the passion, to lead you to the top.

Our focus is to help companies, your included, to generate more leads and sales by using effective SEO-strategies. We use best practice and our unique knowledge to make sure YOU are found in the very top when your market search for your products and services.

We are a leading SEO company, and deliver state of the art results. 

If you choose to do business with us it will results in better rankings, more leads and better results. 

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Preben Sangvik

CEO and head strategist

Alf Henning Olsen


Oyvind Skjelstad

 Web Design

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