SEO analysis : what ought to be changed

You will know:

What should you do to rank better in Google

You will know how it should be, how it is, and a concrete list of actions you should follow. As a result, your rankings will improve and you will get more customers.

What should you do to get more response from your web site

We have seen a simple change give more than 533% increase in Return On Investment.

Sometimes there are only small changes that should be made on a website for more response. ie. more inquiries, more bookings or more sales.

Do you want your website to be optimized for search engine optimization, but are not sure what to do next?

We can tell you in detail what you should change, and then you are free to do it yourself, use others or us to perform the search engine optimization for you.

You get a complete and comprehensive report that shows you what you should change, and help you with which changes should be prioritized in front of others. Contact us to learn more about search engine optimization report.

Do you want a report telling you what to do?

Many executives are unsure whether it is worth investing in the website they have, or whether they should be wrecked in favor of something new. We have therefore developed a unique state report that is both coined with you as a leader / decision maker - and on you as a technician and web editor.

Through the report you will know what should be changed and why. Feedback from the customers who purchased this report is unilaterally positive: Both from managers and technicians.

The state report is a 30-page report that gives you a good introduction to "what" and "why". You will know what is good and what should be changed.

In addition to the written report, you also get a video that we take on your website and "draw and tell" clearly and clearly. Over and over again, we get feedback that we are very clear and explain so that those who do not care about this everyday still understand what and why.

  • Technical state of the website

    • Meta data
    • UR
    • W3C – Validating of HTML and CSS
    • Load time for web site

  • Presentation of content

    • The use of formatting
    • Text for images
    • Technical presentation of content
    • Use of video

  • Links in & out

    • Inbound links
    • Outbound links
    • Internal links
    • Strategies

  • Conclusion

    • What is today's condition?
    • Your possibilities


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