More customers via
Search engine optimization

The purpose of putting you in the top 10 of Google
is to give you more customers.

It works - every time!

SEO will give you:

Attract more customers

Make sure your business is ranked in the top of Google. That will give you the attention you need to rock the market, and add more revenue to your business.

Increase the bottom line

You want to earn more money, right?
When we have helped you to out rank your competitors, you'll see that your business will grow. More customers come, and the Return On Investment is huge.

So, what is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the term used to explain the work to place your website higher up in the Google search query (free placements) in Google and the other search engines.

Google is the largest search engine, and therefore we are concentrating on Google. Even though what we do work in Bing too.

Good SEO will give you more customers.

Guaranteed visible

We guearantee better placements when agreed on.

Is Google important?

9 out of 10 purchase desicions starts online, 8 to 9 of these in Google. Yes, it is important.

Why "Top 10"?

If your web site is not in Top 10, most people will never see it. And you loose the sale.

No binding

We do ot force you to stay. We want you though, because we delive top results!

What is the purpose of sEO?

People search in Google after ALL possible things: problem solutions, problems, products and services. When they do they SHOULD find you!

As mentioned, most people search Google to find a solution to their problems. These are important customers for you! - People seeking the solution are motivated buyers, and therefore, the likelihood is greater that Google-visitors will buy from you than other casual visitors.

Additionally, people think that Google "recommends" your website as a solution. Thus these people are pre-qualified buyers as they have a higher trust in you. 

The combination of the above means that Google's visitors often buy your solution if other important factors are alright.

How to put a value on SEO?

SEO is marketing at it's best. How can you put a value on this marketing?

The value of SEO depends entirely on the industry, the results and how well your website sells.

If your website converts normally, you have a conversion rate of approximately 2%. (sells to 2 out of 100 visitors). If the conversion rate on visitors from Google is higher (usually it is) we can count on 3%. Let's say that an average sale gives you $1000, - in profit. And, as Google will send you 1000 unique visitors every month, the optimization will be worth $ 30,000, - / month

If we say that average sales give you $2500, then the optimization will be worth $75,000, - / month

These are real values.

We've been working with customers where the search engine optimization we've implemented has been worth a lot more. - So this has been a good investment for our customers.

And that's what we want you to see: Investing in good SEO will give you a good return on investment (ROI).

What do we do to rank your site?

There are a lot of things going on "under the hood". But to explain briefly we optimze on-site and off-site.

Off-site optimization is about all that has to be done outside of your website. It can be divided into several elements:

Every link you get to your website from other sites helps tell Google a little about your website. It may be good or bad news for you. Garbage links give you bad rankings, while good links can move you to the top of Google. We have long experience in getting good links to our customers.

Social signals
All signals from social media and web 2.0 pages are equally important. It can be a Facebook-like, a Linkedin sharing, or completely other signals.

Off-site search engine optimization is a time consuming process. It is important that the links are obtained correctly.

If you make an off-site search engine the wrong way, Google can punish hard. Doing it right can mean good cash at checkout for you.

This is about everything you can do with your own website to tell Google that this is important and relevant for specific searches. The website is made user friendly and fast. This helps to help your customers spend time on your website - and it is measured by Google.

"Hidden information" must be used to the fullest extent. ie. meta tags and use of formatting on the website. Internal linking also means a lot, along with a lot of other factors.

Like off-site optimization, on-site optimization done right will better your rankings and  mean incredibly good and cheap marketing for your website.

Long experience. Close partnership. Great results.

With long and coherent experience in a field of expertise that develops in furious speed, and with a "mindset" that constantly reflects on what is best for you, we are happy to  help  our customers rank better.

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