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Owner, John Of God Travels

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Site owner? 

Get buyer hungry leads from Google by ranking in the Top 10. We aim for yout total dominance.

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Good SEO gives you a lead in the search engines, and a flood of buyers to your webshop! 

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Why settle for less when you could dominate?  We call it your VRE: Your Virtual Real Estate! 


These graphs show how YOU can get better rankings by letting us do the heavy lifting for you.
Each graph shows better and better ranking - and more important more visitors!

From 100.rd to position
Same trend. This gives more money in the bank!
It is not the position in Google, but the customers you live by.
Stabilized in the top 10

NOTE: This gives more clients!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process we do to place your web site higher in the search results in Google and other search engines.

Active sEO

Active Search Engine Optimization is a service we offer you.
It's the continual work to put YOU in top 10 in Google! 

Guaranteed rankings

Most of our clients show up in the Top 10 spots in Google within short time after we start doing the optimization. 

A unique work gives a unique and genuine result - for you. You can put your attention on pleasing your customers,

Why in the top spot?

About 9 out of 10 people start their puchase decition by using Internet. 8-9 of these starts in Google. 

To be considered you MUST be in Google, and in the Top 10 spots.

Is Active SEO for you?

Would you like to spend your time on what gives you income, and let us do the client getting from Google?

Then the service Active SEO is for you! We do the heavy lifting, and you do the fun. 

Online marketing gives you more customers!

Give your business a better future by using Internet the right way to market your products or services. More and more people find their next supplier by going online. That is why shopping malls die, and web shops thrive.

It's time you thrive!

Put your offer in front of a hungry crowd

Today 9 out of 10 go online when they search for what YOU offer. Please use this to your advantage.

We offer you the possibility to put YOUR sales message in front of a hungry buyer ready flock. You're almost doomed to success. We offer you the best marketplace you can imagine. The place all goes to search: Google.

We also help you with video marketing, local marketing and putting YOUR sales message in front of any online buyer crowd. 

That is smart marketing, and that is an excellent solution for you.

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