Seo on a new site

Seo on a new site

Ah, the joys of search engine optimization and link building. If you have a new site, here is a tip you may want to take into account. Maybe you want to pitch it then again.

SEO Link on a New Site Link

The building of links refers simply to a problem called relevance. Google tends to list the site that is most relevant when ranking sites in search engine optimization results. There are several factors that determine relevance, but one of them is the number of other websites linked to you. Therefore, even though there are no trade connections per se, a site like the ones for IRS are high in search results for taxes.

Ideally, only links that are relevant to your site from other sites are requested. You want links from other plumbing or home improvement sites if you have a plumbing site. Although you receive a junk message, casino and pharmacy links won't support your plumbing site rankings. They hurt the rankings because they don't matter.

Google supports slow and steady link building

Google supports a slow and steady increase in links when building links to your website. You should take this mantra with one exception if you want top rankings on Google. You don't have to be a slave to this approach if you have a new website.

New sites aren't ranking Google, as you probably know. Instead, your website is in the much talked about Google sandbox for a time. Because of this, you don't really have to worry about Google during your links for the same period. Google won't rank you anyway, so it doesn't really matter to pick up your speed.

I would like to build as many legit links as possible with a brand new site as soon as possible. The reason is that I think it is helpful to get the links old as quickly as possible. The longer links to your site are available on another site, the more value they become. Why not increase the number as fast as possible from my point of view? It's not as if it hurts your Google rankings. You won't have anything!

But I wouldn't start building out a lot of links with the exact match keyword you want to rank for (and you probably never should). But start adding brand links and make it look like your site is real and brand-worthy.

I do not suggest you buy links or use link farms in this approach. I suggest that you immediately maximize efforts in connection trading to establish as many links as possible and to get the aging process going. You can start to reduce your effort towards a slower and steadier approach as you approach the fourth month. It worked for me. It worked for me.

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